10 Things That Will Help You Through Your Morning Sickness


february 27,2022

Expecting a child is a phenomenal life experience that every woman looks forward to. Not because it’s fun and a walk in the park but the satisfaction and joy it brings when the little bundle of joy finally arrives. The same way a woman looks forward to this experience, she also prepares her mind for all the challenges that come with pregnancy.

Morning sickness during the first trimester is one the greatest challenge faced by over 70% of all expectant women. However, every pregnancy is different and every woman will go through a unique experience all together.

Having said that, the only way you can make your motherhood journey easier is by understanding what you are likely to encounter. Basically, morning sickness is most often than not the first sign of pregnancy. It is believed to be caused by hormonal changes in the body. In this blog we will look at 10 things that will help you go through morning sickness.

Expectant woman holding a fruit while lying on the bed

"As an expectant mom, make sure you take all the rest you need and don’t feel guilty about it."

#1. Note your nausea trends

By keeping a detailed record of your nausea you can manage it more easily. For instance, note the time of the day when the nausea occurs. This will help you identify what triggers it at that particular time and how you can avoid the identified triggers beforehand.

#2. Drink lots of water

Most ailments are brought about by dehydration and morning sickness can be made worse by inadequate intake of fluids. Even though you may be taking your favorite beverage frequently, be sure to take enough water to keep your body well hydrated. 

#3. Eat frequently

Instead of taking three heavy meals as usual, consider eating smaller meals but more frequently. This will help in stabilizing blood sugar levels without making you feel too full or too hungry. Low levels in blood sugar worsen morning sickness symptoms.

#4. Chew your food thoroughly

Have you ever thought of how finely you chew your food? Well, at this time of your life, you will have to give it a thought. Finely chewed food makes digestion easier hence easing the burden on your already stressed stomach. Nicely chewed food also means faster absorption of nutrients into your system hence preventing nausea.

#5. Rest

As an expectant mom, make sure you take all the rest you need and don’t feel guilty about it. The developing baby is using energy to grow and that is how it should be. So if you are feeling sleepy, go to bed and have a good uninterrupted sleep.

A woman enjoying her food

#6. Do light exercises

Everybody needs to exercise in order to keep healthy and fit. Light exercise like walking will significantly reduce morning sickness episodes. For instance, try 20 minutes or shorter smaller walks at the time of the day when the morning sickness is at its worst. Walking will help in digestion and blood circulation.

#7. Avoid irritating odors and foods

Now that you have been tracking the key triggers for your morning sickness, avoid odors and foods that aggravate the situation. Also, be aware that your favorite scents and food could become unappealing and vice versa. In case you are in a situation where you cannot avoid these odors breath through your mouth and find fresh air as fast as possible.

#8. Enjoy the foods that appeal to you

Since this sickness is for a short time, it is advisable to eat and drink what appeals to you. Interestingly, you will also note that as time goes by other meals will become palatable. The food that you can eat at this time will give you the necessary nutrients for the time being so do not worry too much.

#9. Try aromatherapy like peppermints

Since smell is the major contributor to nausea, exposing yourself to relieving smells like peppermint will work a big deal. Most expectant women experiencing nausea reported relief after a peppermint aromatherapy. You can use peppermint oil in your diffuser as well.

#10. Take your prenatal vitamins in the evening

A spike in minerals and vitamins in the morning can lead to nausea. So, if you feel nauseated in the morning, consider taking your prenatal vitamins at night during dinner time. This will not overwhelm your body since it has been digesting food throughout the day. It will also ensure that your body digests and absorbs the vitamins in readiness for the next day.

In case your morning sickness symptoms get worse or persist, kindly see your doctor for a detailed medical checkup and treatment where applicable.

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