How To Announce The Arrival Of A Premature Baby Without Causing Alarm. Here Are A Few Ideas


Announcing the arrival of a new baby is not as easy as it may seem. Ask any parent in the house and you will hear it for yourself. This becomes even harder when the baby arrives prematurely. Of course the main issue is the baby’s health. Most parents of a premature baby or preemie would rather wait until a clean bill of health from the doctor is granted to their little bundle of joy.

So, how can you go about announcing the unexpected arrival of your baby?

Well, it depends on many factors ranging from the time that your premature baby is expected to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to the general health of the baby at the time of his or her early arrival. You may want to combine the birth announcement with the baby’s homecoming just like many parents do. On the other hand, you can become creative like one dad, Ryan Johnson, who decided to share the birth of his preemie baby with family, friends and the whole world in a loving and creative way.

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This is what he wrote in the announcement as reported by Hull Live. 

“Hello everyone! Seeing as my oldies have been stealing A LOT of the limelight recently I wanted my share of the action, and I couldn’t wait another day so here I am - surprise! If you want perfection then look no further. 

I'm not ready to tell you my name yet, but until I deem you worthy enough (or my parents get their heads together and sort it out), you may address me as ‘MR J’. I’m here nearly 9 weeks early (I like to be punctual). 

I’m only 4lb 2oz so I need to build myself up before I’m ready to see any of you, but I’m breathing all by myself now and am getting well fed. For now I’m gunna chill out right here in this nice warm pod for a month or two until I’m fully prepared to see your ugly mugs.”

Here are 3 ideas on how you can make this important announcement

#1. Use photo cards

The fact that your baby is in the NICU does not deter you from taking his or her photos. Apart from using them to make the announcement, this is a great way of capturing this precious moment of your baby’s life. However, make prior arrangements with your baby’s hospital and hire a good photographer if you are not up to the task.

The medical staff looking after your baby will assist in making sure that the feeding and breathing tubes stay in place during the process. This will make the process as smooth and as safe as possible.

#2. Be creative with words

You can creatively use words to make an excellent preemie birth announcement for your new baby. Just like Ryan, you can pass the message in a simple, clear and at the same time hilarious way. This will make everybody understand the situation at hand without getting overly alarmed. 

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Here are some interesting examples.

  • Way to start life ahead of time. Introducing our new love, (Baby's name).
  • The twins (or triplets) were fighting over their womb, so they came early and demanded their own room!
  • Our sweet (Baby's name) came a bit early, but just in time for us.
  • (Baby's name) came ahead of schedule, and we couldn't be happier.
  • We couldn't wait to meet our baby, so he/she arrived a bit early! Introducing (Baby’s name).

#3. Buy A Birth Announcement Card For A Preemie Baby

A pre-made preemie birth announcement card from your favorite store or baby shop will serve the purpose just fine. It is cheap, convenient and time saving which is all you need now that you have to focus your resources and time in taking care of your baby.

Alternatively, you can resort to customized online birth announcement cards which are also easy to make and affordable. With a customized card, you have the opportunity to put your baby’s photos and include your wordings before it is printed out.

At Zuri’s Baby Corner we wish you courage and strength during these challenging moments in your baby’s life and family at large. Always remember, the best and strongest things in life come in small packages.