How To Make Bath Time Fun For Your Baby



Bath time is always full of fun for both the parents and the baby. As the parents, you will take pleasure in seeing your baby growing and making new discoveries in life. The baby on the other hand enjoys the new experiences. Nonetheless, some babies may have a hard time getting used to water. If this happens, there is nothing to worry about at all. The tricks below will make bath time for any baby an enjoyable activity.

#1. Introduce some ideal toys

Bath toys are a great way of adding some fun during bath time. Having some floating plastic ducklings or dolphins in the bathtub will add some amusement. You can add some plastic cups or containers that your baby can use to fill and pour water while you continue bathing him or her.

A curious baby having a bath

#2. Make it a foamy affair

Foam is a fascinating site for a little baby. Adding it in your bath tub will add lots of fun and make bath time much easier. You can make interesting figures with the foam or apply it on each other just to spice things up.

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#3. Use baby friendly plastic mirrors

Babies like seeing themselves in the mirror and what a cool way of adding some fun during this very crucial time than having one in the bathing area. Your baby will enjoy seeing herself in the mirror while bathing.

#4. Use bath time songs

Songs seem to have a soft spot in little ones’ hearts. Introducing bath time songs will surely make this moment so special for your baby.

#5. Play games

There are numerous games that you can play with your baby during bath time. For instance, if she is old enough, you can make drawings on the bathtub wall using colored soap crayons and then clean them off. You can also use waterproof reusable stickers to decorate the walls as you continue giving your baby a bath.

#6. Use baby-friendly water balloons

To make these balloons, take a few zip lock bags and fill them halfway with water. This will make it easier for your baby to grab and probably lift the makeshift baby-safe balloons while playing with them. Do not use the real balloons since they can easily bust and cause harm to the baby.

A relaxed baby in the bathtub

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#7. Introduce some textures

Textures are quite fascinating to everybody regardless of age. Babies however will enjoy feeling most of these textures for the first time. Introduce your baby to the texture of your shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, sponge, a dry face towel and so on. Enjoy watching his or her reactions as you continue with your bath time routine.

With the above tips, bathing your baby does not have to be a dull hushed experience. Instead, it can be a fun time where you get to intimately bond with your baby and teach him or her a few things. This moment is crucial in that it also helps in developing your baby’s motor skills and strengthens his or her hand and fingers. Zuri’s Baby Corner wishes you and your baby a fantastic bath time experience the next time you plan to have one. Won’t you?