How To Prepare Your Home For A New Baby


Anticipating and finally welcoming a new baby is such a noble experience. However, you need to make prior plans to comfortably accommodate the new member of your family. This includes planning for other members of the extended family, friends or a nanny who will be assisting with house chores. This article will give you an insight into some of the things that you need to look into when preparing your home for a new baby.

#1. Unclutter your home

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A disorganized house full of clutter will not only make your life difficult as a parent but it can pose risks to your new born baby. Remove all unused stuff in your house to create more room for your baby and all the baby stuff that you will be acquiring. To effectively do this, you can store away those items that you will not be using for a long time or you can sell them or give them out. Start decluttering early enough before you get too tired to do heavy tasks in the house. Your partner, family and friends can also offer their assistance.

Man and woman packing household items in boxes

#2. Utilize the spaces available in your house

Before the baby arrives, take time to visualize the activities that you will be carrying out on a daily basis. Try to figure out the challenges you will be facing. Bearing this in mind, start planning your home accordingly and make maximum use of the spaces available. If you need to rearrange the furniture in some of the rooms or shift some items to the spaces available to ease your daily activities, then do so.

#3. Make sure there is ample lighting

It is very important to have sufficient lighting in your house before the arrival of a new baby. Also consider having dimmer switches to dim out the lights as well as night or soft ambient lights. This will ensure that you can easily navigate around while taking care of your baby at night without disturbing him or her with too much light. Although it is better to have total darkness to encourage sleep, you don’t want to bump into furniture and other items or trip while moving around the house.

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#4. Baby proof your house

Watching your baby passing developmental stages successfully is such a relief. However, you need to baby proof your house to cater for this important stages in your baby’s life. For instance, when your baby starts crawling, he or she can get access to unlocked cabinets where you store toxic chemicals like pesticides, medicines and washing detergents. To prevent any disasters, store all harmful chemicals in lockable cabinets out of your baby’s reach. Alternatively use magnetic locks on all cabinets that your baby can easily access.

House cleaning agents doing their work

#5. Thoroughly clean your home

As Sam Veda once said, one who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases. Make arrangements on how your house will get thoroughly cleaned before you return home with your new born baby. This will not only protect your bundle of joy from diseases but you will also receive such positive vibes and energy from the sparkling clean environment around you.

With the tips above, be sure to enjoy the new and exciting journey of motherhood ahead of you. It will not be a walk in the park but here at Zuri’s Baby Corner we assure you that you will relish every moment with your baby.