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How To Clean Your Kids Toys

By: ABDULMALIK ADETOLA Toys are one of those things that pacify and keep our kids busy.  As we all know, kids can be carefree while playing with their toys. Most of the times kids put the toys directly inside their mouth or drop them on the floor. This exposes them to germs which can affect their well being and cause diseases. It is therefore important to ensure that these toys are clean and free from germs. It is the collective responsibility of every parent or care giver to make sure that their kids toys are safe to use at all times. In the recent times, there are many cases of new communicable diseases like Covid-19 and other flus which are easily spread through contaminated services and dirty hands. This makes toys to...

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How To Make Bath Time Fun For Your Baby

By: ROSE   Bath time is always full of fun for both the parents and the baby. As the parents, you will take pleasure in seeing your baby growing and making new discoveries in life. The baby on the other hand enjoys the new experiences. Nonetheless, some babies may have a hard time getting used to water. If this happens, there is nothing to worry about at all. The tricks below will make bath time for any baby an enjoyable activity. #1. Introduce some ideal toys Bath toys are a great way of adding some fun during bath time. Having some floating plastic ducklings or dolphins in the bathtub will add some amusement. You can add some plastic cups or...

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Working Moms: Challenges And Solutions

Rose February 20,2022 As a woman being able to take care of your needs brings a lot of joy and contentment. So having an opportunity to offer your skills, services or products for a financial income is a great achievement. But how do you balance working full time and being a mom? This is a question that all moms ask at a certain point in their lives.   "For most working moms, the need to be perfect in all their areas of life can be overwhelming." Some Of The Challenges That You Will Face As A Working Mom #1. Dealing with guilt The society has for a long time dictated roles played by men and women. For instance, women are...

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