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7 Reasons You're Not Enjoying Motherhood

By: ABDULMALIK ADETOLA Every woman has high expectations for motherhood - the experience of having or raising a child in the best way possible, but it is messier than we think. Sleep deprivation, emotional distress, stress, etc., deprive moms from enjoying the motherhood period.  The reason you don't enjoy this phase in your life isn't only about the kids but also our habits, beliefs, and thoughts about motherhood in general. The hack to a healthy motherhood is the mindset.  Check out these 7 reasons why you are not enjoying motherhood. Read Also: How To Get Kids Help Around The House #1. High Expectations As a mom, you expect everything to work out as you planned. You want your children's room tidy and clean, the bathroom...

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How To Get Kids Help Around The House

By: ABDULMALIK ADETOLA Are you wondering why it is easy for parents whose kids help carry out various tasks at home? Why are they less stressed and how do they do this effectively? Kids can occasionally be naughty and a lot of parents sometimes find it hard to get their kids to do chores at home. This article, will give you some techniques that you can use to encourage your kids to offer a helping hand at home. #1. Teach them how to do stuff at home Getting kids to help at home isn't always about shouting or giving commands which at the end of the day proves to be futile. Being a good example to your kids is the first prerequisite to making them help...

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How To Make Bath Time Fun For Your Baby

By: ROSE   Bath time is always full of fun for both the parents and the baby. As the parents, you will take pleasure in seeing your baby growing and making new discoveries in life. The baby on the other hand enjoys the new experiences. Nonetheless, some babies may have a hard time getting used to water. If this happens, there is nothing to worry about at all. The tricks below will make bath time for any baby an enjoyable activity. #1. Introduce some ideal toys Bath toys are a great way of adding some fun during bath time. Having some floating plastic ducklings or dolphins in the bathtub will add some amusement. You can add some plastic cups or...

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