Top 5 Mommy Hacks For A Smoother Daily Life

Aahna gandhi

february 12,2022

Top 5 Mommy Hacks For A Smoother Daily Life

As moms, learning new tips & tricks never stops. Here are the 5 top best mom hacks

24*7, with no day off! It’s an around-the-clock job for the moms, isn't it? Being a mom is no walk in the park - from everything that involves feeding, clothing, bathing, organizing your little one’s room, is with little to no thanks. You may find many challenges along the way in motherhood, but it's a beautiful journey that isn't hard. So, fret not! All you need is some basic mom hacks that can make your daily life smoother.

As you thrive through motherhood, we at Zuri's Baby Corner are sure that you may have learned many tricks and hacks throughout the upbringing of your baby since birth. There are plenty of mom hacks out there. In this blog, we list down the top 5 mommy hacks that will make motherhood easier for you!

“Wake up at the same time every day and do your best to NOT use the snooze button when the alarm goes off!”

Develop a morning routine

Are you struggling with being a morning person? Well, don't worry, we are too! For someone who has always been a night owl, developing a morning routine can be a huge shift to the daily routine. However, it is not impossible - just get into some simple habits of waking up at the same time every day and do your best to NOT use the snooze button when the alarm goes off! Try getting ready soon after you wake up and list down the tasks for the day to get started. Once you get up from bed, stretch, drink some water or sip on your favorite tea or coffee, take a cool shower and begin! This is the best way to develop a solid morning routine which will get you well prepared to take care of your kids

“Wash the toys frequently as they can become moldy and spread unpleasant germs.”

Clean the toys frequently

We are all aware that kids' toys need cleaning and yes, very frequently. This can take up a lot of your time if you do not know how to. One of the simplest ways to clean the toys is cleaning them in a dishwasher or washing machine. Filling up the mesh laundry bag is where you can start - throwing up the colorful plastic toys like education and early learning toys, and little stuffed toys. Washing them frequently is more important and if you leave it unwashed, toys can become moldy and spread unpleasant germs. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with this simple hack that can be a life savior. Stay tuned for our next blog on tips to cleaning toys!

“Prepare lunches beforehand!  Choose a day to make a weekly lunch menu.”

Prepare lunches for the entire week

Mornings can be chaotic when you have kids trying to grab them to eat, put on shoes or a jacket. This can take a lot of your energy! So if you want your mornings less hectic and a bit quieter, here is one of the hottest mommy hacks: prepare lunches beforehand! Yes, there’s a way to keep your food fresh! So, choose a day to make a weekly lunch menu and prepare the lunches accordingly. After this is done, store them in a Ziploc bag and place them in Tupperware. Voila! You need not worry about lunches for the whole week anymore!

“Once your kids learn how to do some jobs by themselves, it will lessen the burden for you.”

Teach your kids to do some things on their own

The idea here is slightly hard, but once your kids learn how to do some jobs by themselves, it will lessen the burden for you. Hey! We don't mean toddlers or infants to help themselves, but remember that babies like to mimic grownups. So, you can definitely capitalize on that. So, the next time your baby hands you something, thank them for being helpful by handing over one of their favorite toys. Looking for the toy your baby loves? Find some interesting toy collections here. Another trick could be, little ones helping with a new baby. So, let them, it really helps a lot

“The easiest hack - shop online which is the the most convenient mommy hack”

5. Shop Online – the most convenient mommy hack!

Why go out when you can shop for your favorite clothes, toys, accessories and more with just a single click on your smartphone? Taking babies and kids to a store can really be tedious and like every parent, you wouldn't like to deal with the tantrums in public, right? So, here’s the easiest hack - shop online! It is much easier for parents and this way you don't have to take your children out for a toy car or a stuffed animal. Get smart and order away from plenty of options available. Wondering where to start? Check out our store - Zuri's Baby Corner and pick your choice from a massive catalog that is designed for every baby.